Minutes of Our April 2019 Meeting

The April meeting of the Rutherford Arts Alliance was held April 9, 2019 from 5:30 to 6:30 PM at Sam Davis Home, Smyrna. Over 25 were in attendance.

Vice Chair Ginna Foster Cannon welcomed everyone to the meeting at 5:30. Ginna introduced Jenny Lamb, who has been Executive Director with the Sam Davis Home since this past August.

Jenny has most recently worked at Belle Meade Plantation before coming to the Sam Davis Home this past August. She reported that the site is working to refocus on the arts and the full story of the home, farm and Davis family. A recent exhibition, for example, featured textiles from the museum’s vault for Women’s History Month. The museum is also planning an event to recognize slave history, events highlighting the “forgotten arts” for adults, and more. They are also working on capital campaign for improvements. Ninety-eight acres here are still farmed, through an arrangement with Batey Farms.

A group of old-time musicians welcomes “whoever shows up” on Wednesdays at the site at 3:00 for an hour or so. All are welcome.

Ginna asked Jenny how the museum is working with schools. Jenny said that transportation is a problem for schools, and a higher percentage of Title I students who may have affordability issues. So they take field trips to the students; but they really do want students with them.

Susan Gulley with Carpe Artista said a number of people in Smryna are discussing how to develop a tourism stop to encourage people to visit all the cultural points of interest in the area - if you have ideas, reach out to her.

Ginna then invited everyone present to introduce themselves and make announcements. These are some highlights, especially for events with dates set; everyone is encouraged to share their arts news on the RAA “Creative Connector” Facebook group.

Lisa Browning with Cultural Arts Murfreesboro announced:

RAA representatives will be judging the Murfreesboro City Schools’ art show. 6 judges are needed, in addition to Murfreesboro Painter Laureate Ashley Buchanan. She passed a sign-up sheet. Judging must be done by April 18; a reception is April 23.

Cultural Arts and the RAA Youth Alliance and an Eagle Scout are working together to build 3 Little Free Libraries in a “Storybook” area on the Breezeway Restorative Trail. The libraries will be used by children and adults alike. The building of the little libraries is underway and the entire project will hopefully be completed this summer.

RAA will have a booth at the Greenway Art Festival on September 21 from 10-4. We are looking for a volunteer to head up booth coordination of volunteers and activities - maybe something like chalk art, a wall of “what inspires you” post-its, etc.

RAA will be having a juried exhibit in the Rotunda. The reception will be Oct. 11. The exhibit is Oct. 1 - Nov. 15. All genres will be accepted, including performance.

Mira Patel with the Youth Council announced exploratory work on a mural for downtown.

Cindy Phiffer announced the Cornbread and Casserole show for United We Style.

Gregory Lannom announced pop up art show April 26 at the Green Dragon. Interested artists are encouraged to contact him on Facebook.

Kelsey Smith with the Discovery Center shared information about the STEAM Festival in October. Organizations or artists who want to produce an event can learn more and pitch your event at tnsteam.org. Tennessee Craft and the Boro Art Crawl will also tie-in to these events, so there’s a lot of great publicity.

Charlie Parker, president of Murfreesboro Little Theatre, works through St. Clair Senior Center with a traveling choir. They do recent music and older material. Charlie also works with “Seniors Acting Up” and they are now on their 7th play. He also promotes events on 103.9.

Thom Christy said Shacklett’s will be hosting Friday night shows on their balconies this summer from 7:00 to 9:00; 12 concerts are scheduled this summer. Uncle Dave Macon Days - if you’d like to display your arts, talk to them at Shacklett’s.

Chase Loughry, with our Youth Alliance, is working on a Congressional Arts submission that may facilitate a conversation with our elected officials in Washington.

Andrea Loughry encouraged us to look up grants an tnarts.org - Rutherford doesn’t seem to get as much as some counties. If you’re interested in partnering on a grant, speak up at a future meeting or contact the RAA.

Carla Crader is opening a social art experience in jewelry making - expect to hear more soon.

Ginna reminded the group that we’ll be seeking nominations for board members before long - be thinking if you’d be interested in serving.

Our next meeting is May 14 from 4:00 to 5:00 at the Murfreesboro Art League / Cannonsburgh in Murfreesboro.

The formal meeting adjourned about 6:35.

Submitted by Kory Wells, Secretary

Image credit: Sam Davis Home Facebook Page